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Yonex Japan Open 2008 - Semi’s Round ups and Videos

Men's Singles

To start off the Semi's roundups, I would like to begin with Lee Chong Wei (M'sia) who picked up his pace and form to win easily againts Joachim Persson (Den) 21-6 & 21-4. It was cruise control for Chong Wei as Persson could not find a way to break thru Chong Wei's defence and Chong Wei played with so much confidence with consistent strokes and smashes to win. It was like as though Chong Wei was just toying around with Persson. Thanks to our buddy mmorita3 in YouTube, we're able to have a video on the games.


In the other Semi's Sony Dwi Kuncoro (Ind) defeated Kenichi Tago (Japan) 21-15 & 21-16. It was not an easy game as one would assume for Sony has he was made to work hard againts the homeboy Kenichi. However Sony's experience played an important role as he kept his composure to win.


Women's Singles

There were two upsets in the singles when last years champion Tine Rasmussen (Den), lost to Wang Yihan (Chn) 21-15 & 21-18.


The other upset came when Zhou Mi (Hongkong) defeated world no. 2 Lu Lan (Chi) in 3 sets 21-9, 13-21, & 13-21. Zhou commented “It has been a long time not to meet Lu in the match whose stroke style has changed. In fact, I was playing as if we met first time and the difficulty to adapt the wind direction due to air condition made me lost the first game.” But Zhou could recover very well from the second and played better in third game.

Men's Doubles
Young Indonesian pair, Ahsan/Septano, won the match against fellow Indonesians Yonatan Suryatama Dasuki, Rian Sukmawan 21-16 and 21-19. Septano commented that he is very happy and didn’t expect to go this far. Looks like Indonesia has some young talent in the rise and it can be worrying to Malaysia if they continue to groom these talents to the right direction.


In the other doubles, second seed Lars Paaske, Jonas Rasmussen (Den) defeated home favourites Keita Masuda, Tadashi Ohtsuka (Jpn) 21-17 & 21-16. Both pairs played some good badminton however the experience Lars and Jonas played a much more attacking play forcing the Japanese pair to defend most of the time. Heart breaking moment for the Japanese fans as their players failed to qualify for a finals this time around.


Women's Doubles
Cheng Su, Zhao Yunlei (Chn) defeated Miyuki Maeda, Satoko Suetsuna (Jpn) 21-15, 21-16. The Japanese pair had many chances to attack however, their attack could not break thru to Cheng and Zhao's defence hence forcing them to lift to the Chinese pair. It was more or less a one sided game however credit to Park Joo Bong for bringing the Japanese pair this far.


Malaysia's Wong Pei Tty and Chin Eei Hui continued their fine run by reaching their first ever Japan Open Finals defeating Vita Marissa , Liliyana Natsir (Ind) 21-11 18-21 21-18. Well done to Pei Tty and Eei Hui. I think it would be a good final to watch however I favour the Chinese to win this.

Mix Doubles
It's an all Indonesia finals in the Mix doubles when Nova Widianto/Lilyana Natsir (Ind) and Muhammad Rijal/Vita Marissa (Ind) managed to overcame their opponents to make it a dream Indonesian finals.

Thats all folks.. Will update ya'll with the final results!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yonex Japan Open Roundup Day 4

Men's Singles
Perrson playing againts Taufik Perrson(DEN) won 2-1 against Hidayat(INA). Persson lost 1st game easily, but 2nd and 3rd game, he used his big and sharp smash resulting his going to semifinal 12-21, 21-19 & 23-21. Results show that it was a close match however again, Taufik needs to improve more on his fitness levels in order to start winning competitions.

Lee Chong Wei however pulled off a close game by winning his match againts the qualifier Yanbo Qi (Chi) 21-17 & 21-17. Chong Wei has been made to push himself at every game in this tournament and it would be interesting to see if he can continue his winning streak as World No. 1.

Sony Dwi (Ind) pulled an easy win over Malaysia's Veteran Roslin Hashim in the other quater finals match, 21-16 & 21-11. I remember Roslin as a player who played againts my senior players during his Secondary School Days and what amazes me is that he is still playing in the international arena.

Women's Singles
Lu Lan returning a shot againts Maria
Lan Lu(CHN) won the very tough match 2-1 against M.K.Yulianti(INA).She said it was very hard espesically losing 1st game. 2nd game onward she tried to concentrate to get points one by one. Because she lost the match for Bronze medal against this strong rival Yulianti, she was very eager to win 13-21, 22-20 & 22-20.

To me Maria Yulianti is the most promising player of 2008. She continues to grow and mature in every match and I think by next year, she'll be a force to recon with. M.Zhou(HKG),winner of 2002 YOJ beat overwhelmingly H.Y.Hwang as expected.

Mens Doubles
Yonatan Suryatama Dasuki, Rian Sukmawan (ind) pulled off an upset by beating 2008 Olympic Champions Markis Kido and Hendrawan (Ind) 21-17, 14-21 & 21-19.

Two Japanese pairs will be joining Yonata and Rian in the Semis, Shintaro Ikeda [6], Shuichi Sakamoto defeated Muhammad Ahsan, Bona Septano (Ind) while Keita Masuda [4], Tadashi Ohtsuka defeated Tony and Candra (Ind). I think its going to be a very exciting doubles Semi's and my bets are on Lars Paaske, Jonas Rasmussen the second seeds who defeated Chris Adcock, Robert Blair 21-15 21-18 to win the title.

Mixed Doubles
Widianto/Natsir(INA) performed fine conbination all through the match and beat Limpele/Polii(INA). Widianto's strong smash and Natsir's attack at top court were remarkable.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yonex Japan Open Day 1

News from the Yonex Badminton Open... So far the seeded players did fairly well.. In the Malaysian News today, Misbun has said he has high expectations of Mew Choo to beat Lu Lan as he has been putting her thru some aggressive attacking drill during training. It would be interesting to see how she fairs based on these expectations. However I think one of the main thing which Misbun should do is to strengthen her mentally.

Besides getting the news, somehow am trying to get some videos to view however again, its sad not to find them in YouTube. I really hope that a badminton fan who has found a video link to the Japan Open would send me a post :)

Men's Singles

Both promising players, T.Hidayat(INA) and C.W.Lee(MAS) won the match overwhelmingly in total. Lee experienced rather tough first game due to both of his slow starting and opponents' good performance.

S.Sato(JPN) lost the match against J.Persson(DEN) and failed to make his first win at this tournament. Sato agonized of Persson's sharp smash and drop shot.

Peter Gade(DEN) lost 1-2 against W.Gong(CHN). He said,"Though I played well,opponent played better". This time Denmark team had no supporting team and it was a little handicap for him.

K.Tago(JPN) rather beat easily strong Chen Yu(CHN).He felt Chen was a little lack of concentration, while he himself could keep speed and hight. He also well prepared for Chen's round the head shot to win the rally.

Women's Singles

Tine came back to YOJ as defending champion in the Women’s Singles.She was seeded second in this tournament and played the first round today.She was against Ai Goto of Japan, whom Tine did not know well, however she knew Goto was a good player with strong track record among Japanese players..She said after the match, “I could concentrate on the court focusing in getting one point by one point. I felt a lot of pressure when entering the court, however I told to myself that if you do whatever I have trained, the result will be there. I also went through a mental training as well and this helped a lot to win the game.Denmark does not give a priority to this tournament and this is why this time she was not accompanied with her coach, however she was very happy to coma back here again as a defending champion and looks very much for ward to repeating the same this year at YOJ 2008.

E.Hirose (JPN) joyfully won the big match against No3.ranked.Zhu Lin (CHN) 21-10 14-21 21-17.She played persistently and made this very good performance.She said : She performed exercise for Beijing Olympic, which made her have confidence in herself.Second game was rather hard, but at final game, Zhu Lin made several mistakes resulting Hirose's win.
She is very glad to have won this tournament after certain long term, and wishes to play consistently game by game to perform good result, tomorrow onward. Also she is very grateful for warm cheering by audience.

Zhu Lin(CHN);After Beijing Olympic, she did not have enough time for exercise, so felt a little hard physically. She regret not to have been able to keep temper on the judgment to her shot which she believed safe.

Mixed Doubles
Masda & Maeda(JPN) beat Adcock & Olver 2-0. Both pairs were nervous a little under tension and made rather many mis-shots. Masda said that his service was too bad, while Maeda made it very well and contributed their win.

Badminton Live Streaming - Japan Open

Hello again people... After a long break, a 6 star Badminton Japan Open tournament follows thru the Olympics. To catch the games LIVE at GDTV Sport Channel (SopCast or TVAnts) for the Semi Finals and Finals.
20 Sep 11:00 am Semi Finals
21 Sep 11:00 am Finals

An alternate channel would be this site :)
Hope you guys enjoy it :)


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Beijing Olympics Badminton Videos

Well somehow its quite difficult to find badminton videos on the net.. Thanks to YouTube, here are some of the videos which I’ve managed to get…

My Fav Moments from the Badminton Beijing OlympicsBadminton:

1. First, the Badminton Doubles Finals between Markis Kido - Hendra Setiawan (Indonesia) vs Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng (China). The Indonesians played some fantastic doubles against China’s top pair. They managed to come back from behind to overcome the 6.900 fans to win a game which was filled with smashing moments throughout. Honestly I didn’t expect this after they lost the first game… they showed that being No. 1 you have to be strong mentally to maintain focus throughout the game.. Click here to view.

2. My second favourite final was the Women’s Singles Finals between Zhang Ning (China) vs Xie Xingfang (China), where Zhang Ning won 21-12 10-21 and 21-18. This game was filled with exciting moments from the start to the end. The game showcased that age doesn’t matter too much just as long as you have the willpower to fight it thru. Zhang showed us just that by overcoming the odds to beat the current world no.1 Xie Xingfang. Honestly, Zhang has stamped her mark at the games by defending her previous Olympic Gold medal. Click here to view.

3. The third video would be the Bronze medal match between Indonesia’s young and rising star Maria Kristin (Indonesia) who upset the world no.3 Lu Lan (China) 11-21, 21-13 and 21-15. No one expected Maria to go far in the games, however she created the most upsets as she managed to overcome her various seeded opponents to grab to Bronze for Indonesia. Click here to view.

4. Finally the Men’s Singles finals was the most anticipated game everyone wanted to watch.. No doubt many people were disappointed with the way Chong Wei (Malaysia) lost to Lin Dan (China), however if you take a step back and look at it, you would see that Lin Dan did what Usain Bolt did for the 100m. Lin Dan had a point to prove to the world and he choose the right time to prove his supreme dominance in the sport by giving Chong Wei a whooping. There can never be a World Record for badminton, but the scoreline in that finals would never be repeated for sure in the future Badminton Olympic Finals. Click here to view.

Alternatively, you could view the video's in my wordpress site,

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Badminton and Shuttletalks is back..

Hi guys and girls,

To all the thousands of badminton fans who visit this blog, I would like to apologize to all of you for not updating the blog.. I was quite busy with work and been running around quite a lot.

To make up for the 2 weeks of my lack of updates, I'm going to post videos of the Beijing Olympics which I found in YouTube. If you have more links to Beijing Olympics Badminton, pls feel free to post them ere and share it with the others... Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoy it..

Ciao da mao!