Saturday, October 4, 2008

Macau Open Video 2008

It seems to be very difficult to get my hands of some tournament pictures. I really wonder who does the updates for badminton tournament sites as its not done well enough like a tennis tournament site. I think for the game to pick up, these small things like a proper, relavent and updated website is needed.

WBF and BAM, I think you need to relook at your website strategy as a main channel to grow the sport. Millions and millions of people turn to the web to get updates of badminton as the game is not broadcasted in their countries. Since the internet is an open medium of communication, why do it up well with videos, interviews, blogs from players to increase the viewership. If you are reading this, do contact me and I would love to help ya out! :)

Here are some Macau Open video for badminton lovers around the world! Enjoy and I do hope that more and more people would be helping me find badminton videos for me to post up.

Ciao da mao


Jarod said...

2 out of 3? Ever since Olympic, I dare not hope for the Men Doubles to win. Their inconsistency make a difference. Not even talking about performance. Unless Coach put in some MENTAL TRAINing. Then, it is worth a bet. But against Inexperience Taiwan, chances is there for them. Unless they screw it up again.

As for Chong wei, I am hoping for him to win. But the last round prove otherwise. Finger crossed. Just watch with open heart. Accept what ever result :)

This round a lot of big gun not playing. Thus, we can see them marching to the Finals.

Nice blog that I can refer to. HAha! Big FAN of Badminton. :) keep it up !

smashingmark said...

Well Jarod I was wrong.. 1 out of 3 only... But I'm happy for Taufik.. he played one of the best badminton I've seen him play in a while.. Mentally I think our players are not strong and I think intelligence is something we lack too.. I think Taufik is back! :)

As for the doubles, they played alright in the finals however if they played Chong Ming and Chew Eng it would be a more difficult game for em.. Oh well.. I'm a Chong Ming fan as he's a buddy of mine and we partnered before in my school days and it sound bias :P

Anyhow good to have you come by my site Jarod.. Come by my facebook group called I LOVE BaDMinton..