Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Badminton Live Streaming - Olympics

Like any other Malaysian, I bet you're looking for a website to watch the badminton live feed while u're at work.. As they say, "All work and no Badminton makes Jack a Dull boy"..

Thanks to these sources: Simply Badminton, you can watch it on (I hope it streams fast) and for p2p live streaming (TVAnts Sopcast TVU).

Hope you guys enjoy it and be smart while doing this at work :) If ya have more feedback or ideas on where to find badminton live streaming for the Olympics, do feel free to postit here. Sharing is caring.

Ciao da mao


K. Sanbagamaran said...

hey marko. you just might be on to smth here with this badminton blog. will definitely add it to my list of blogs to read. like the punditry with our olympic hopes. pls also mention our country's (and the world, actually) best ever football player (aka me) every so often. sport in malaysia is incomplete without a mention abt me.

smashingmark said...

Hi Mr. K Sanbagamaran,

It is an honour to have such a great footballer visit my site.. I didnt know you were a badminton fan.. I'm as proud of Malaysia as you are and I only wished you are still playing an active role in football. Hey how bout we have a game of Badminton? Would be fun..