Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Taufik fights back..

Taufik Hidayat: One of my all time favourite badminton singles players. This player is one of the most gifted players to have been in the circuit. Playing with a very natural style, Taufik the former Olympic and World champion is back in training to prepare himself for the Olympics..

From the Associated Press, Jakarta: "He's already back to training," Christian Hadinata said of the former world champion. "He will definitely go to the Olympics."

Fighting back is never easy.. Fighting dengue is worst than being 10-0 down because when you have been struck with dengue, all you can do is sit in the room and do nothing while but stare at the four walls but on the otherhand, if you are 10-0 down, you can push yourself to elimate your opponenet. I'm not too sure to what extend his dengue was.. however, I do know that once you're in the hospital for dengue treatment, you'll lose loads of energy and strength. In the past couple of years, Taufik has lost some kind of form due to his lack of training and conditioning. Even with the lack of conditioning, he still manages to play some decent games. However, he has yet to win a challenge against Lin Dan or even Chong Wei.

I do hope he gets back his form so that it would bring us one of the most exciting singles tournament to watch. Will it be a Tau-fufah-Fik or a Tau-Kay-Fik.. What do you think? Memories of the 2004 finals below peeps! Enjoys!

Ciao da mao..
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